Top 10 Chai Cafe’s All Over Pakistan

The consumption of tea (Chai) in Pakistan is the central significance of culture in Pakistan. Pakistan is the third Largest Tea importer and 7thlargest tea consumer Country in the world. Chai is the most “Pakistani Thing” people here in Pakistan start their day with a cup of chai and end their day with a cup of chai some people like coffee too but nothing can beat a desi Pakistani Chai.


The chai Cafe’s in Karachi are part of trending fad that has gripped Karachi in the past few years where chai has transformed it to a more elite culture.


Chai wala is a traditional chai dhabba with a fusion of upscale cafe, boasting of a truck art themed setup. Chailwala has items in its menu like Disco Chai, Cadbury Paratha chai, and many more.

The price of this chai ranges from PKR 50 to PKR 150.

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Chai Shai is a cafe situated in kahayaban-e-Bukhari Defence Karachi.

Chai Shai is another modern dhabba addition in Karachi of recent time with a classic lollywood theme which is an open air cafe.


Top 10 Chai Cafe’s All Over Pakistan
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